2009 World Cup - Newport, Rhode Island
List of Entries
September 8 - 12, 2009 (these are the race dates)
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From Canada:

Gallant              (C) Eric Jespersen
Saskia II           (C) Rainer Muller/Tony Griffin


From Denmark:

Great Dane          (C) Erik Larsen


From Germany:

Phillippa        (M) Mirko Capka

Mena                (C) Thomas Kuhmann
Sleipner II
(C) Andreas Krause


From Great Britain:

Conch Fritters  (M) Stephen Murray

Scoundrel  (M) Robert Grey

Titia               (C) Brian Pope
Nancy               (C) Bill Green


From Finland:

Fridolin          (C) Timo Koljonen

Djinn             (C) Henrik Andersin


From France:

Dix Août           (C) Pierre-Paul Heckly


From New Zealand:
Scout (C) Martin Farrand


From Sweden:

Jungfrun           (M) Peter Norlin

May Be XIV          (M) Patrick Fredell

Sophie II     (M) Hugo Stenbeck


From USA:

SYCE (C) Bob Towse
Fokus III            (C) Jim Metteer

Goose              (C) Peter Hofmann

Sprig                (C) Greg Stewart
Elisabeth X      (C) Hans Oen

Alana                (C) Toby Rodes

Totem               (C) Jesse Smith

Madcap            (C) Tom Fair

Jill                    (C) Martha Coolidge

Clarity               (C) Bill Doyle/Jed Pearsall

Flapper             (C) Nick Booth

Cherokee          (C) Cherokee syndicate

Ranger              (M) Tony Widman

Arunga              (M) Bob Cadranell


St Francis VII (M) Available - ready to go. Contact: Hans Oen – 914 672 1303 hjo@midocean.us