2011 ISMA AGM Survey Results – North American 6 Metre Association – 29 respondents
The following are the results of a survey sent to the members of the North American 6 Metre Association as a guide for how our votes should be cast at the Annual General Meetiung in Helsinki on Monday, August 8, 2011.

1. Shall the 2014 European Championships be held in Falmouth, UK?
a. Yes – 23
b. No – 1
2. Shall the 2016 Europeans be held in Brunnen, Switzerland?
a. Yes – 24
b. No – 0
3. Shall the 2017 World Cup be held in Hanko, Finland or an as-yet-undetermined venue on the West Coast of the USA?
a. Hanko, Finland – 1
b. West Coast USA – 26
4. Shall the duration of the validity of measurement certificates be extended from two to four years, subject to ISAF’s agreement?
a. Yes – 29
b. No – 0
5. Shall the use of GPS devices be henceforth authorised for ISMA sponsored competitions?
a. Yes – 12
b. No – 15
6. Resolved:
a. that ISMA hereby issues a call for proposals from members wishing to undertake the responsibility of producing e-newsletters that would replace the ISMA Bulletin for the calendar years 2013 – 2015,
b. that the proposals must be submitted to the President no later than 31st December 2011,
c. that the proposals must specify:
- the proposed mode of disseminating the ISMA’s e-News,
- the publication frequency,
- the scope of subjects treated,
- a mock-up and style sheet of the proposed format,
- a budget, including any contribution required from ISMA,
- the names of the individuals who will participate in the production of the e-News,
- a statement of qualifications and experience for this type of endeavour,
- a firm commitment from these individuals to the production of the e-newsletters over a first three year period
d. that the Executive Committee will review the proposals and present its recommendations to the 2012 AGM
i. Agree – 24
ii. Disagree – 2

7. Resolved, that, from 1st January 2012 to 31st December 2013 the sail label fee shall be reduced from 100 € to 50 € on a trial basis.
a. Agree – 28
b. Disagree – 1

8. Resolved: 1. that ISMA hereby agrees to give the task to Eero Lehtinen to explore and report to ISMA by April 30th,2012 the possibility of returning the Gold Cup to the 6 Metre Class 2. that the Executive Committee will review the proposals and present its recommendations to the 2012 AGM
a. Agree – 26
b. Disagree – 1

9. Questions for discussion:
A) 50mm flotation allowance for Classic Sixes: should it be discontinued?
B) ”Gentlemen’s agreement” policy for the adherence of replicas to the Rule: is another approach feasible and desirable?
C) Occasional Skype teleconferences open to paid up members: are they feasible and desirable?
D) Financial contribution by ISMA to the national association organizing a championship: is it feasible and desirable?

A) no, more boats = more fun
B) gents agreement is OK
C) not practical
D)Desirable, is it realistic, I rather doubt it.

a. I think there needs to be a separation between various "classics" as old, "original wood" rule 2 type sixes must have allowanced over and above super new, modernized or replica rule 3 boats, that are essentially new. Think, in East Coast -- SYCE, Madcap, and Clarity -- these are OLD boats, not essentially new boats like Flapper, Cherokee, and Totem. I think any rule that applies to all boats that are designed before 19xx as a generic classic is going to be flawed. But if there has to be only one rule, it has to be applicable to the lowest part of the fleet to keep them engaged, so yes, it should be continued.
b. No such thing as Gentlemen's Agreement. I've lived that scenario and you don't want to know the details. So I believe written and concise specifications are the only way to go.
c. Yes, they are cheap and easy. I would like to know what is going on occasionally.
d. Yes, I think it should be. As 2009 organizer, I was surprised by the lack of resources provided to us. (Although we did eventually get some help).

A, No,
C, Yes,
D Yes.

7/20/11 11:21PM View Responses
A. 50mm is too much, should be reduced to 25mm and it should be more closely monitored. No addition of lead - and added weight should be hull reinforcement.
B. Replica as it is has not been that successful - open it wider!
C. Skype or other teleconferencing is easily available and often low or no charge.
D. ISMA contributions to World Cup only.

7/18/11 9:58AM View Responses
50mm needs to be tightened up -- you cannot have recently restored boats optimized to sink. How about at least one proper 6mR certificate for all replicas and major restorations. 50mm brought to 25mm?

7/17/11 6:22PM View Responses
A keep 50mm allowance
B. Ok as is
C. Skype Ok
D. If budget allows

7/17/11 8:40AM View Responses
For (A). Yes, the allowance should be continued. People should not be required to take a chainsaw to their lead ballast simply because the structure weight of the hull is greater than original due to repair and strengthening of previously failed/weak components.

7/16/11 8:09AM View Responses
a. 50mm flotation allowance: unchanged,
b. I'm critical about the replicas,
c. Skype...yes
d. Financial contributions for organizing the Worlds but no other championships....

7/16/11 4:27AM View Responses
A. yes
B. yes
C. ?
D. yes

7/15/11 7:15PM View Responses
RE Sinkage The 50mm allowance should be continued. The amount of sinkage should be noted on the Certificate. I would be happy to tabulate the sinkage data so real data can be discussed. Then potentially a smaller value could be proposed. RE Validity of Certificate I would require that the Dues must remain current during the entire period for the Certificate to remain valid in years 2, 3 and 4. Greg Stewart

7/15/11 6:28PM View Responses
50mm is absurd. From experience a planked boat with no epoxy wiil sink approx 20 mm

10. Who shall hold and present our votes at the 2011 AGM?
a. Hans Oen – 8 votes
b. Rainer Muller – 9 votes
c. All others received 2 votes or less.