2014 Alexandra Cup

The Alexandra Cup Week will begin on September 5th, 2014.  We are hoping for your participation and support as we move towards staging the 2017 Six Metre World Cup. We have been working hard here in Vancouver to produce a spectacular event for everyone. Our sponsorship team has been busy and they have now secured five sponsors who have committed a total of more than $20,000 which will be dedicated to hosting this regatta. We currently have 9 confirmed entries and we are hopefully expecting our entry list will grow to 13 boats.

We have a great team of on-water Race Officials who have promised to give us superb racing. The on-shore team will not be out done - they have great socials planned for every day after sailing. We are working hard for you to stage the best six meter regatta you have ever been in. Now you can help us by filling out the attached entry form and returning it to us right away. If you are not planning to attend, or if you know any other boats that we should be contacting please let us know that information as well.
Thanks for your help. 

Here is our short list of boats – both confirmed and expected entries:




St Francis 5




May Be 7




St Francis 7








Ca Va


St Francis 9


Saskia II


New Sweden

Again, please help us by letting us know if you will be attending or not and if you think there are other boats that we should be talking to. 

The final version of the NOR for both weekends is attached. Also, a detailed description of the Jack Cribb Match Series is also attached with a copy of the special Jack Cribb match racing rules. The Sailing Instructions for all three events should be ready by next Friday, August 22nd. 
For those of you who do not like reading NORs here is a quick schedule and event description:


1st Start


Friday Sep 5th


practise races for North Americans

Sat. and Sun. Sep 6/7


2 days fleet racing - North American Championships

   last start Sunday: 1700



Friday Sep 12th


practise races for Alexandra Cup and Jack Cribb Series

Sat. and Sun. Sep 13th/14th


Alexandra Cup Match    and 
Jack Cribb Memorial Match Racing Series

  last start Sunday: 1700



All boats entered in the North Americans will be eligible for the Alexandra Cup Match. The top US boat and the top Canadian boat from the NAs will complete in the Alex Cup Match while the rest will move on to the Jack Cribb Memorial Match Racing Series.

Of course, the North Americans and the Alexandra Cup are major events but we hope and believe that the Jack Cribb Match Series will be well received and will add another exciting dimension to our sailing. Match racing may seem a little intimidating if you have never tried it but we believe you CAN teach old dogs new tricks. Once you’ve sailed a match race series in six metres you’ll wonder what the worry was and you’ll find yourself itching to take part in the next one. Come on, give it a try. See what you think and please respond with your comments or suggestions.

The success of our PNW Six Metre Fleet depends on the mutual support of regattas in both B.C. and Puget Sound.  We hope that the ongoing support between our Puget Sound and B.C. groups can be continued and enhanced by your participation in what promises to be a very special event.

Need any crew? We have lots of people wanting to sail, just let me know in plenty of time – they’re going fast. And, let me know if there is anything else I can help you with – launching, hoisting, tenders, accommodations, extra moorage, spectator boats, photo boats, ----.

I’m looking forward to watching a great fleet of sixes cross the starting line here in September. Maybe while I’m watching I’ll even get to call a few of you over early ;<)


Regards, Don   

604-731-7338    on-water Race Officer