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6mJI European Championship 2016 in Brunnen, Switzerland
A Swiss and a US Boat Clinched the Titles

Brunnen, 19th of July 2016 - The Swiss Boat "Junior" in the Moderns and the USA yacht "Llanoria" in the "Classics" were crowned European Champions in their categories in this years championship of the 6m JI Yachts. The regatta took place in Brunnen on the Lake of Lucern from the 16th to the 19th of July in ideal weather and wind conditions. 

The 6m JI boats are amongst the most elegant yachts in the world. They weigh about 4 tons and enjoy a cult status amongst many sailors. They earned this status not only due to their majestic appearance but also due to the fact that today still many yachts of the early 1920s are being raced. The oldest boat amongst this years competitors was built in 1921. To create fair conditions, the EC regattas were sailed in two categories: the "Classics" (built before 1956) and the "Moderns" or "Open". There were a total of 31 Yachts at the starting line. With 11 boats the Swiss fleet was the biggest group in the field followed by the USA and Great Britain with 3 boats each. The other participants found their way to Brunnen from Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland and Norway. All races of the EC were held on the "Urnersee", the most eastern arm of the Lake of Lucern. There the sailers could benefit from the thermal winds of 4 to 18 knots the region is known for.

Competitors gave each other a run for the money
The at times gusty winds caused some dodgy maneuvers at the marks. In the last race of the EC multiple boats arrived simultaneously at the windward mark. This lead to a collision between the boats in which one of them broke its mast. Several skippers filed protests that had to be settled by the international Jury. In their verdict, two boats were disqualified. This incident however had no influence on the final standings.

Swiss European Champion 2016 in the Moderns with a big lead
In the "Moderns" the Swiss crew of "Junior" with skipper Jean-Luc Monnard of the Cercle de la voile de Vevey-La-Tour (CVVT) were so dominant, that their victory was settled already after 6 of 8 races. The crew of SUI 77 Junior, ex. Fleau, take home the Coppa Giovanelli for the 5th time (not always the same crew). Runner-up was the US boat "Sting" with Russ Silvestri at the helm. The other Swiss boats sailed on positions 3,4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14 und15 on their local waters.

American crew triumphant in the "Classics"
In the "Classic" category the races of the final day provided the stage for a thrilling showdown between "Nada" from Great Britain with Skipper Poul Hoj-Jensen and "Llanoria" from the US piloted by Eric Jespersen. In the end the Americans managed to clinch the title from the Brits who led the category going into the final day. Therefore the European Champion 2016 in the "Classics" and winner of the President Woodrow Wilson Trophy is called "Llanoria" from the USA. The Swiss could not really profit from their home turf advantage as the bestes Swiss boat in the category was "Astree" with Philipp Dürr at the helm on position 10 followed by the others on position 13 to 16.

Other Awards
August Ringvold Memorial Trophy
The August Ringvold Memorial Trophy awarded to the best performance by a Rule 1 or 2 boat (pre-1934), was won by US 55 Lucie, helmed by Jamie Hilton. US 55 Lucie successfully defended this Trophy.

Baum and König Vintage Trophy
The Baum & König Vintage Trophy was donated the International Six Metre Class by by Robbe & Berking, was introduced and first offered for competition at the International Six Metre European Championships in Flensburg, Germany in June 2006. The Baum and König Trophy awarded to the highest placed Classic yacht which uses white or cream sails, wooden mast, boom and poles and flies a racing flag, was won by US 55 Lucie, helmed by Jamie Hilton. US 55 Lucie successfully defended this Trophy.

Lucie Trophy
The Lucie Trophy was donated to the International Six Metre Class by Matt Brooks to honor the memory of Lucie Bedford Warren, namesake of the yacht US 55 Lucie, and who was an energetic and keen competitor in the Class. Mrs. Warren raced ‘sixes’ in the U.S.A, Bermuda, Canada and in Europe. The Trophy is awarded to highest placing Modern or Classic with one or more female crew members, was won by K 12 Nada, with Alexia Barrier and Jana Zimmerhalk on the crew.

Nelson Trophy
The Nelson Trophy is awarded to the first placed Rule 3 boat constructed between 1966 and September 1979 inclusive, and which has had no alteration to its underwater shape other than permitted modifications to the rudder, was awarded to SUI 91 Irene, helmed by Nico Jaton.

John-Pierre Odero Trophy
This award displays 2 beautiful watercolor paintings by Marc Berthier on opposing sides of a Lucite case. It was given jointly by Bruce Owen and Bernard Haissly to memorialize the long-time support of the Class by Mr. Odero and is given at the Annual General Meeting of the Class to an individual who has performed outstanding service to the Class over the past year. This year's recipient is Thilo Durach for his efforts on the new Class website, http://www.6metre.com, and the annual newsletter.

IYRS Astor Cup
The Astor Cup has been loaned by the International Yacht Restoration School of Technology and Trades (IYRS) of Newport Rhode Island.  The trophy is a gold bowl to be awarded at the International Six Metre World Championship and at the International Six Metre European Championship to the highest placed yacht at the end of racing which includes a person aged 25 years or under as helmsperson or crew. The first winner of this new award was USA 127 STING with Sammy Shea as a member of the crew. 

Much praise for the organization committee
Beat Furrer, president of the Swiss 6mJI class association, once again proved to be right for proposing an other EC in Brunnen to the International Six Metre Association ISMA. As in the event of 2010, again the sailors  were thrilled by the good wind conditions and the breath taking panorama of the surrounding mountains in the heart of Switzerland. They were equally impressed by the perfect planning and conduct of event. Again, Furrer could count on the support of the organizing club, Regattavereins Brunnen (RVB), as well as the Fallenbach Shipyard. In the prize giving ceremony, the gathered international sailing community thanked the committee under the lead of race officer Martin Koller, the main host Beat Furrer, and RVB president René Baggenstos, who also was head of the organization committee, with a long and hearty applause for their work, the hospitality, and for the successful event.


CLUB PL.(1.Wf) PL.(2.Wf) PL.(3.Wf) PL.(4.Wf) PL.(5.Wf) PL.(6.Wf) PL.(7.Wf) PL.(8.Wf) G-PKTE G-PL
1 SUI 77 Junior Jean-Marc Monnard
Michel Teweles
Kaspar Schadegg
Alexandre Nicolle
Nicolas Berthoud
CVVT 1 1 1 [2] 1 2 1 [DNS] 7.00 1
2 USA 127 Sting Russ Silvestri
Craig Healy
Mario Yovkov
John Bonds
Sammy Shea
StFYC [7] 2 2 5 2 1 [8] 1 13.00 2
3 SUI 118 Courage IX Norbert Stadler
Ralph Müntener
Daniel Schroff
Christoph Schumacher
SGYC [11] [7] 7 1 4 5 2 4 23.00 3
4 SUI 132 Sophie II Justin Werner
Phill Maxwell
Stu Argo
Rob Scrivener
Hamish Hardy
RVB 5 [11] 4 6 5 6 [11] 3 29.00 4
5 GBR 107 Valhalla Paul Smith
Robert Smith
Nick Peerson
John Pollard
Robert Pearce
RTYC 2 8 5 4 [12] 3 9 [DSQ] 31.00 5
6 USA 126 Scoundrel Eliza Richartz
Melissa Purdy
Dana Riley
McKenzie Wilson
Martha Parker
StFYC 6 5 6 [10] 7 4 3 [8] 31.00 6
7 SUI 104 Temptation3 Beat Furrer
Adi Bürgler
Kurt Scheidegger
Garlef Baum
Rico Furrer
AVP 4 3 [13] 3 6 11 [13] 6 33.00 7
8 SUI 122 Woodoo Ben Mumford
Erin Christy
Jason Vandergaag
Jeremy Baxter
Allan Morgan
RVYC 8 4 [10] [OCS] 9 7 4 2 34.00 8
9 SUI 72 Jeu du Vent Thedy Schmid
Bruno Schwab
Martin Brönnimann
Ruth Bollier
Daniel Helbling
YCRo [10] 6 8 [11] 3 9 6 7 39.00 9
10 SUI 74 Nivola Reinhard Suhner
Lukas Schenk
Christian Rutishauser
Dominik Schenk
Fredrich Dahlman
SVB 3 9 3 [OCS] [DNS] 8 5 DSQ 44.00 10
11 USA 105 Jane Ann Jali Makila
Sebastian Blechinberg
Basil Vasiliou
Kenneth Thelen
Emil Vartiainen
YCM [12] 12 9 8 8 [14] 7 5 49.00 11
12 FRA 107 Tsigane Steven Kinsey
Barry van Leeuwen
Gerry Cullen
Rainer Müller
Matt Henley
Rodger Phillips
RVYC 9 [DNS] 11 9 11 [13] 10 9 59.00 12
13 SUI 91 Irène Nicolas Jaton
Yannik Savoy
Julien Pilet
Pierre Borel
Olivier Nicod
Guy Minder
CNLy 13 10 [14] 7 13 12 [OCS] 11 66.00 13
14 SUI 100 Duclop Robin Detraz
Roberto Lopez
J. Charlie Golay
Jean-Michel Santal
Thierry Graf
Gilbert Salina
CNV [14] [13] 12 12 10 10 12 10 66.00 14
15 SUI 123 Marilyn Jaques Chavanne
Susan Buchecker
Markus Aebi
Christian Pitzinger
Daniel Treyer
RCZ [15] 14 [15] 13 14 15 14 12 82.00 15


CLUB PL.(1.Wf) PL.(2.Wf) PL.(3.Wf) PL.(4.Wf) PL.(5.Wf) PL.(6.Wf) PL.(7.Wf) PL.(8.Wf) G-PKTE G-PL
1 USA 83 Lianoria Eric Jesperen
Peter Hofmann
Herb Cole
Pete Watkins
Kris Bundy
Port Ma 2 1 1 [5] 2 [4] 2 1 9.00 1
2 GBR 12 Nada Poul Hoj-Jensen
Colin Murray
Alexea Barrier
Hamish Mackay
Jana Zimmerhalk
RLYC 1 3 [4] 1 1 3 4 [6] 13.00 2
3 FIN 67 Djinn Henrik Andersin
Chris Winter
Robert Nyberg
Allan Savolainen
Jacob Granqvist
NJK 3 [6] [8] 2 5 2 3 3 18.00 3
4 NOR 71 Flapper Lars Guck
PJ Schaffer
Richard Feeny
Mary Feeny
Chad Atkins
Nick Booth
  6 2 [7] [OCS] 3 1 6 7 25.00 4
5 USA 55 Lucie James A. Hilton
Alexis Gahagan
Paul Foley
Christopher Greenman
Wil Wargnier
Jens Lange
StFYC 4 4 6 6 4 [OCS] 1 [10] 25.00 5
6 GER 68 Lillevi Andreas Haubold
Christof Rek
Thorsten Kraus
Robert Gierth
Martina Klemmt
Thomas Schmidt
VSaW 5 [7] 2 3 6 6 [8] 4 26.00 6
7 GBR 57 Erica Violeta Alvarez
Charlie Hatfield
Pablo Iglesias
Richie Leonard
Gerald Veniard
RLYC 7 9 3 8 8 [DSQ] [10] 5 40.00 7
8 GBR 22 Titia Brian Pope
J. Harrison
Jeremy Hartly
Tam Hector
Etienne Gauvin
RWYC 8 8 [9] [OCS] 9 5 9 2 41.00 8
9 GER 30 Mena Thomas Kuhmann
Andreas Lohmann
Fritzi Geppert
Robert Hallmann
Max Fischer-Brandies
BYC [10] [10] 5 4 10 9 5 8 41.00 9
10 SUI 44 Astree Philipp Durr
François Germain
Emile De Rijk
Bénédicte Anquetin Durr
Medhi Benbouzid
CNV 9 5 [DNF] [DNS] 7 7 7 9 44.00 10
11 GER 15 Carmela Walter Kuhlmann
Thilo Durach
Justus Dehnen
Linus Durach
Christian Rupp
  [DNF] 11 10 7 [13] 10 12 12 62.00 11
12 GBR 40 Valdai Dirk Stolp
Robert Owen
Tom Owen
B. Stuyling de Lange
Huw Owen
RYS 11 12 [13] 9 [14] 8 13 11 64.00 12
13 SUI 15 Beausobre Jean-Daniel Guex
Pierre Guex
Bruno Engel
Fabien Sache
Loic Forestier
CVVi 13 [14] 11 10 [15] 12 11 14 71.00 13
14 SUI 24 Midinette Arthur Keller
Bertrand Keller
Herve Thorens
Laurance Veze
Eric Artis
YCSp 14 [15] 15 [DNF] 11 11 15 13 79.00 14
15 SUI 43 Saga Pierre Alain Raynal
Joelle Zumoffen-Fruttero
P.- A. Bovay
Pierre Wakley
Jean-François Fruttero
SKA 12 13 12 [OCS] 12 [DNS] DNS DNS 83.00 15
16 SUI 3 RAN VIII Stefan Epper
Jürg Schneider
Markus Olbrecht
Benno Schnider
YTL [DNF] 16 14 11 16 [DNF] 14 15 86.00 16


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