ISMA - Annual General Meeting 2003 held at Saint Tropez on 18 June 2003

The meeting is called to order by Class President, Bernard Haissly at 0910 hours.

Hans J. Oen is appointed secretary.

National representatives of more than half of 70 paying members being present, a quorum is established.

1. The President's report is submitted and accepted.

2. The Treasurer's report is distributed and accepted without discussion.

3. The European Championship 2004 is to be held at Porto Rotondo, Sardinia, Italy.

The Italian national representative advises that racing will take place in late September or early October; preference is expressed for September. The representative will advise the Class of the actual dates.

4. The World Championship 2005 is to be held in conjunction with the KSSS 175th anniversary at Sandhamn, Sweden. Dates are expected to be in late July.

5. The European Championship 2006: Written requests have been submitted by NJK, Helsinki. Kiel has also expressed an interest. Hanko Yacht Club, Hanko, Finland is expected to submit as well. A final decision will be taken no later than the 2004 AGM.

6. The World Championship 2007: A joint Meter boat regatta in Scotland is still under consideration in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the International Rule. Some discussion takes place as it is now reported that the event may clash with the next America's Cup. The assembly decides to leave this decision for a later date pending further development.

7. An update and revision of the Class By-Laws is distributed. After discussion and some minor changes to the revised document, it is voted upon and accepted. As an alternative to further alterations of Paragraph "E" of the By-Laws, it is agreed that due to increased activity in the Modern and the Classic groups, issues should be voted upon by using the mail vote system and that such votes shall take place bi-annually.

8. The President emphasizes that collection of ISMA dues is solely the responsibility of the national secretaries.

9. The topic of annual dues for the 2004 membership year triggers a lively discussion. It is decided that the fee be set at Euro/US Dollars 100.

10. During the last membership year, individuals have submitted various proposals specifically relating to the Classics. A sail materials limitation proposal has originated from Finland and a Definition of Classics from the USA. The assembly decides that these issues require further study, research and discussion and refers same back to the Classics for handling.

11. It was generally agreed that the Class should give the Race Committees more flexibility in the racing schedule for sanctioned ISMA regattas. This can only be obtained by a closer working relationship between the ISMA management and the Organizing Authorities. The Deed of Gift should allow such flexibility.

12. Ian Howlett presents a written suggestion referring to materials used by the 6mR Class and a clarification thereof. The AGM is generally in agreement with Mr. Howlett's views and the matter is referred to the Technical Committee for further handling and drafting of Rule change proposals etc.

13. A new Class achievement trophy was introduced in the memory of Jean-Pierre Odero. The trophy is presented by Bruce Owen and Bernard Haissly. The President calls for a moment of silence. The first recipient of the award is Beat Furrer for his contributions and efforts in developing the ISMA News.

14. Luigi Pavese donates a new trophy, which shall be awarded to a new category of 6mR. The trophy is meant to encourage owners of post 1965 (non-Classics) and non-winged-keel boats to participate in sanctioned regattas.

There being no further business, the meeting is adjourned at 1015 hours.

_____________________ ______________________
Bernard Haissly Hans J. Oen
President Secretary