New Construction of "Sinkadus" Begins

Here are the beginnings of a new "Sinkadus". Boatbuilder Jorgen Jensen has begun the first replica of a classic six meter and will build it according to the Rule and the resolution passed at th AGM in St Tropez in 2000. The original S 52 "Sinkadus" was designed by Arvid Laurin and built in 1939 in Sweden. She was very competitive and one of the only boats to beat the famous US 81 "Goose" in major competition. The story of the name is that she had number 52, cinq et deuce in French,which sounds almost like "Sinkadus", which means "luck" in Swedish slang. She was later sold to the United States, but before she could prove herself here, she was destroyed in a hurricane, as far as anyone knows. If you are interested in owning this famous and undoubtedly fast boat, please contact Jorgen Jensen to learn more.

It all starts with a big tree

Putting it in position for the mill

Solid mahogany horn timbers

The keelson hewn out of solid oak

The transom attached to the horn timber.

Station frames stacked and ready.

Lines and offsets in the background


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