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Sent: Friday, July 24, 2009 1:35 PM

To: Matt Cockburn

Subject: URGENT -- 6mR World Cup OWNERS Note




newport 2009

six metre world cup


july 2009 



order your custom book of the event

outside images global photography will create a high quality coffee table book commemorating your newport experience


go to: 

to learn more.

contact: Paul  Todd 




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thank you to our shipping sponsors

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skipper's checklist.... 

12 things you must do now!


with only 6 weeks to go, be sure you are prepared.


1)  are you registered

2)  have you purchased enough social passes?


3)  do you have your 6mR certificate up to date?

4)  are your hotel / accommodations all set?


5)  does your insurance cover racing in US waters?


6)  order your team uniforms now !!!

7)  order your custom published book now !!!


8)  register for the north americans?  (see below)


9)  contact peters and may logistics yet? (visiting 6's) 


10)  arranged for temporary insurance for your truck? 

      (int'l visiting yachts) dan dwyer


11)  for those launching at newport shipyard...

      have you....


      paid your $600 US launch / commissioning fee? 

       int'l --

       u.s. --      

      completed and returned your shipyard contract?


 12) did you buy your tickets to the 12mR challenge

      (7 sept.)




difficulties with registrations, or international payments please contact 


6mR north americans:  5-6, september

this is a totally different registration from the world cup.  this event is a part of the classic yacht regatta, with different entry fees, parties, sponsors, etc.. than the world cup. (you must enter separately.)



see you all soon!


bill doyle

event chair

newport 2009 



all boats must have......


1)  50 feet of shock-absorbing tow line (not a main sheet)


2)  your own dock lines and plenty of fenders


3)  a hand-held vhf radio


4)  a national ensign / country flag


5)  proof of insurance that allows racing in US

    (including text that specifically confirms US coverage)


6)  paid hauling arrangements with  peters&may  

7)  an owner or rep. present for launching

     (boats will not be commissioned without owners

     rep present) 




dockage and moorings ....... 


*** free / avail. dockage only from 3-13 Sept ***

*** alofsin pier dockage reserved for 6mR's only ***

(not tenders)


if you are....

-- arriving before September 3rd?

-- staying past September 13th?

-- have a tender accompanying you?


you must make alternative arrangements, in advance -- see options below


 oldport rental mooring company -- web page

 newport short term mooring share


*** small tender docking ***  


please send for all inquiries: 

name of boat owner:

type of boat:


engine size:


cell number of person responsible for boat:  


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