Boat Name: Alarm, ex. Vema IV
Sail: N 66
Year Built: 1937
Designer: Bjarne Aas
Builder: Bjarne Aas
Owner: Time and memory
History: Built side by side with N63 Buri, N 64 Amok, and Z? Boree II. N66 Alarm came to the USA immediately following World War II and was sailed on Lake Ontario by Josephine Parker of Youngstown, New York. Allan Parker, Josephine's father, put up a trophy called the Alarm Trophy, which was hotly contested on Lake Ontario until at least the early 80's, though the current location of the trophy is not known. As interest in sixes decreased on Lake Ontario and was increasing on Puget Sound, a syndicate headed by Harry McGuane purchased Alarm and brought her to Seattle. Harry McGuane and Kiefer Fobes won the 1958 North Americans in Bellingham with the boat. After Harry and Kiefer sold the boat she moved from one owner to the next and eventually disrepair found her. Alarm was broken up outside Sidney, B.C. in the early 90's. Her mast still exists, though is attached to an old converted "whale boat."




Alarm on the hard in Victoria, B.C. circa 1980. Photo courtesy Guy Tyrwhitt-Drake.