Boat Name: Beauvais, ex. N77 Else Marie
Sail: US 69
Year Built: 1947
Designer: Erling Kristoferson
Builder: Otto Larsen / Einar Iverson
Owner: Gerald Conger
History: Update 2/03/03:
"I would like to update some information on US69. The boat's name is Beauvais, which means "Beautiful as she goes". Beauvais was on a freeway service driveway in Detroit for some seven to ten years before my brothers and I rebuilt it in 1982-1983. Her boat cradle had rotted and the boat fell over onto the starboard side. There was about a foot of leaves inside and we really were not sure if she could be saved. The boat was raised with jacks, block and tackles and trailed some 75 miles to Port Huron where she was rebuilt in eleven months. (30 ribs, several planks, new lifting eyes, checked all screw fasteners above and below H2O line, new stem, new mast step, new deck frames/deck, rebuilt mast, making all halyards internal, build new aluminum boom, new aluminum and fiberglass rudder, new fiberglass skin on hull and deck and lots of varnish on interior and mast.) She has been raced for the last twenty years and is holding up fine.