Boat Name: Capriccio
Sail: US 122
Year Built: 1985
Designer: Bruce Kirby
Builder: Bent Jespersen
Owner: Don Campbell
History: Built for Glen Foster and People for Sport to sail in the 1985 Worlds held at Cannes. She is cold molded mahogany in construction and one of the first wing keeled sixes. Capriccio came to Seattle for the 1986 North Americans where she placed 2nd, losing on the last leg to another wing keeled six, Steverino. She sailed well in the 1987 Worlds hosted by Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club at Oyster Bay, New York, but lost her mast late in the series and was unable to finish the regatta. Capriccio was profiled by Bruce Kirby in Nautical Quarterly Number 46, in 1989. After the dissolution of People for Sport, the boat sat unused in a warehouse until Charlie Hoffmann purchased her to compete against Hans Oen in the Larchmont area on Long Island Sound. Charlie trucked Capriccio across the country and won the 2000 Sir Thomas Lipton Cup and 2000 North Americans in a tiebreaker with USA 109 Discovery. Charlie brought the boat back to Seattle in 2003 and sold her to Roger Ivie after the 2003 King Olav V Cup. Roger campaigned her at the 2004 North American in Vancouver as well as the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup on West Sound on Orcas Island. After Roger Ivie passed away from injuries sustained in a mountian biking accident, the boat was sold to Don Campbell, who intends to campaign the boat on Puget Sound.