Boat Name: Ciocca II
Sail: I 64
Year Built: 1948
Designer: Sparkman & Stephens
Builder: Baglietto & Co., Varazze, Italy
Owner: Brown Street Syndicate
History: Enrico Poggi commissioned Sparkman & Stephens to design a boat to compete for the right to represent Italy in the first Olympics post-WWII, which took place in London in 1948. Ciocca II won the qualifying regatta and the boat was shipped by freighter to England. The sailing events were held in Torquay where Ciocca II faced off against 10 other boats placing 8th of the 11 entries. Journalism is scarce for the following 4 years, but Ciocca II was chosen again to represent Italy at the 1952 Games in Helsinki. Ciocca faced many of the same competitors and boats in this regatta and again placed 8 of 11. It is interesting to note that 5 of the 11 boats in these Olympics were designed by S&S and Ciocca II is a very close design sister to 2 time Gold medal winner Llanoria.  

Ciocca II felt the years of use in the late 80's and was laid up. The boat has not been in the water for over 30 years. The plan is to execute a comprehensive restoration beginning in late 2021.