The Baron's Perpetual Trophy in front of a Brian Byrnes painting of N 80 Elisabeth X

Elisabeth X Wins Overall Trophy at Svendborg Classic Week

Co-owners Hans Oen and Charlie Hoffmann recently competed against 5 other 6 meters and over 200 other Classic yachts, including 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 meters, at Svendborg Classic Week in Denmark. The sailing venue was varied and interesting. There were distance races around local islands and buoy races. All boats were given a handicap to compete for the Sophus Weber Overall Trophy. This trophy was won by Baron Niels Iuell Brockdorf's grandfather in 1903 and given as the overall trophy for the event. The ratings and conditions were favorable for sixes with 4 of the sixes in the top 10. Live television coverage was provided for the event and the heros of Elisabeth X were interviewed on television the Danish public.

The level of sponsorship and beauty of the venue may mark Svendborg as a great place for the sixes in Europe to sail in the future.

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