REPORT of the Committee of ISMA to the General Assembly held at St Tropez on 17 June 2003

Dear Friends of the Class,

This is now the end of the first year of activity of the committee elected at Rungsted, Denmark, in August 2002. The Committee has tried to reactivate ISMA in various areas and it is our pleasure to submit to you our past actions and intentions for the future.

1. Racing format

We have tried to complete a revision of the rules applicable to our major racing events in accordance with the principles agreed upon in Denmark. As there was still considerable debate about the future rules, a mail vote was organized and the draft prepared by the Committee was approved. These rules are being implemented at St Tropez and further revision can be made at any time to comply with the wishes of our racing members.

2. By-Laws

A revised draft will be presented to this Meeting with a view to introducing two changes in the rules and their application:

- all important decisions should be reached in the future through mail votes rather than a vote at annual meetings;

- National associations should pay the fees to ISMA diligently and actively on the basis of the real number of members.

3. ISMA News

Beat Furrer has done a wonderful job in publishing two very substantial issues of ISMA News in 2002 and 2003. The interest raised by these newsletters has been overwhelming and everyone realizes that communication is vital to keep the Class alive. The Internet is going to progressively replace hard copies which are too expensive to print and mail.

ISMA News and the website of ISMA are the only activities requiring finance and we are sure that our members will be happy to cover these expenses.

4. Class Rules

Each year we are passing Class Rules which are soon forgotten as the minutes of our Meetings are not kept with due care. My goal is to collect, review and publish on our site all Class Rules.

ISMA President
Bernard Haissly