Boat Name: Dauphin
Sail: US 26
Year Built: 1924
Designer: Wm. Gardner
Builder: Henry B. Nevins
History: From a previous owner:
I purchased this boat in Windsor Ontario Canada in 1974 and sailed it until 1976 if memory serves me correctly. We sailed primarily the Lake St. Clair, Detroit River and Lake Erie areas although the 6' draft caused some logistic problems in Lake Erie and St. Clair. With a 50' mast of Sitka spruce and cotton sails, it was a classic even in the mid 70's. Sadly, I was forced to sell her in '76 for tuition for around $2,000. Within a week after the new owner took possession, a violent storm hit Windsor and even though I didn't own it, I felt compelled to check on her a few times prior to midnight. Apparently a few lines broke loose after midnight and the hull "rubbed" against the concrete dock and wall until it sank in it own berth. The new owner didn't check on the boat for a full week after the storm. When he finally did, the marina owners had it up on a dolly where it sat and rotted for a few years. As far as I know it was never restored, probably destroyed around 1979 in Windsor. Realizing I could not afford the restore her myself, I did reclaim the brass name "Dauphin" from the stern and a few of the brass fittings which I still own. Just thought I would share these fond / not so fond memories and provide you with one small update on your fine Registry. That being said, as I near retirement, I can't think of a more fitting restoration project for 2006 ! I will contact some of the "local" owners this summer and hopefully find something for my retirement project.
Best Regards
John Porter Ottawa, Ontario, Canada