US 80 Djinn Headed to Finland

Henrik Andersin, owner of FIN 51 Maybe VI, has recently acquired DJINN from Argentina. She is a well known yacht being an almost identical sister to Goose (US 81), but not reaching quite to the same performance. Olin J. Stephens II designed her in 1938. She is in severe disrepair and needs a thorough rebuilding. The previous owner has taken good care of DJINN and its hardware and most of the original parts exist. The seller was Meter Yachts SRL, builder of 2.4 meters for South America.

The rebuilding will be done to original S&S specifications and 6mR scantling rules at Kotka Wooden Boat Centre in Finland by Mr. Juha Suorsa and Mr. Allan Savolainen. They have recently rebuilt FIN 51 MAY BE VI and FIN 12 FRIDOLIN. The work will be planned and supervised by Mr. Pasi Kaarto. Rebuilding will take approximately 18-24 months.

DJINN was originally built by Henry B. Nevins Boatyard in New York for America's Cup Hall of Fame honoree Henry S. Morgan, Esq. Details on Henry S. Morgan

Here are some DJINN facts:

1938: King Edward VII Gold Cup, Bermuda 5th of 8
1938: Trials for Scandinavian Gold Cup 3rd of 6
1938: British-American Team Race 3rd of 6 in overall points
1938: DJINN won the Seawanahaka Yacht Club's Roosevelt Memorial Cup
1939: Prince of Wales Cup (Bermuda) second to Goose of 7 in the field
1947: Won the Seawanahaka Cup in Scotland
1948: Silver medal for Argentina in Olympics in Torbay, UK

In Saint Tropez 2003 the Classics are competing for the DJINN Trophy, which was donated to honour the memory of Henry S. Morgan in 1979.