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We are pleased to announce, that we have agreed to sponsor the shipments of the European Six Metre yachts, participating in the Six Metre Championships held in September 2009 at Newport R.I. The ports of loading in Europe will be Gothenburg, Bremerhaven, Zeebrugge and Southampton with destination Newark N.J, USA. A service will also be provided from Kotka via Gothenburg.

On the return leg the load port will be Newark N.J with discharge ports being Gothenburg, Bremerhaven, Zeebrugge and Southampton. A service will also be provided for Kotka via Gothenburg.

The sponsored shipment is offered at a fixed price of USD 5.000 per boat round trip, excluding handling- and administrative charges, for port to port shipments. The additional charge for Kotka-Gothenburg – Kotka service is USD 2500 excluding handling- and administrative charges. The offer is based on having the 6-Metre loaded on a truck or a trailer for the shipment.

This sponsorship agreement has been reached through the initiative of Mr. Thomas Lundqvist, Sweden, who has agreed to be the coordinator between the shipping line and the 6-Metre Class. It is agreed to provide WWL a preliminary status of the prospected shipments within end March  2008. A reference number to be used when booking will then be provided.

Finally, we are delighted to be able to support the Six Metre Class to create a successful event in Newport.

Best regards,

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics

Odd Egil Borgen
Head of Global sponsorships


Instructions from Thomas Lundqvist on how to take advantage of this offer:

Dear All,

I would like inform you, that the sponsored shipment agreement is now formally confirmed with Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) according to the enclosed letter. WWL is the world’s largest shipping line for cars and trucks, thus, all vehicles will be shipped inside the ship covered from weather and sea..

As noted above, the ports of loading in Europe are Kotka, Gothenburg, Bremerhaven, Zeebrugge and Southampton with destination Newark N.J.

The price of USD $5000 is offered for round trip per boat (also if shipped 2 boats on one vehicle), including mast on top. Any attached trailer with tender boat, etc has to be noticed and charged separately. WWL has also included an opportunity to ship boats at an additional charge from Kotka, Finland..

To reduce the administrative work for all, I have accepted to be the coordinator between the class and the WWL and each country shall appoint a shipping coordinator to be in contact me. The boats, registered on the list, will receive a reference number to be used in contact with WWL, when the shipment is due to take place. The boat owner will handle the administrative details, payments, etc directly with the appointed contact person at WWL.

To be able to estimate the number of boats from each port, we are asked to produce a preliminary list of boats to be shipped with the following details:

Boat owner   
Contact details
Vehicle (truck or trailer)
P ort of loading in Europe   
Estimated date of departure    
Estimated date of return

Please, produce a separate table as an attachment to your e-mail.

I would like to have the list by March 1st to be forward to WWL in due time. The list is NOT a binding booking, you can withdraw later and add on later, the list is for planning purposes. We may ask for an updated list for 31st of May.

I am hoping this good news are making all of you happier towards the Christmas and I am Wishing you all a Happy Sailing Year 2009!

Best regards,

Thomas Lundqvist

To express your interest in taking advantage of this fantastic deal, email Thomas at tlab.lundqvist@telia.com.