Boat Name: Firefly
Sail: US 23
Year Built: 1924
Designer: Frederick M. Hoyt
Builder: Henry B. Nevins
Owner: Brandon Rieff

US 23 Firefly was designed by Frederick M. Hoyt and built at the Henry B. Nevins yard on City Island, New York. Her owners, Richard B. de Boardman and E. Townsend Irvin commissioned her to compete in the trials to represent America in the 1924 British-American Team Race Challenge.

Firefly was one of 8 boats built that year for these qualification races and joined 10 other sixes in the 18 boat selection series. She was a noted light air performer, but the final trials were held in later August in a breezy series. She did not make the team. In later years she was on the Great Lakes.

In the early 2020s she moved to Brooklin, Maine, USA and is undergoing restoration. Her owner hopes to have her sailing again in time to celebrate her centenary in 2024.