Death of a Six

On May 2, 2001 the International 6 metre K 73 "Golden Hind III" suffered her last blow. For the last months of her life she sat in a boatyard locally renowned for housing wrecks and boats near their end. Golden Hind III had been moved from another dubious arrangement at the last minute in the Fall of 1999. Her last owner had recently fallen behind on storage payments, and faced with lack of payment, the boatyard owners decided the only way to get something out of the boat was to scrap her for the lead in her keel (pictured above).

Attributed to Morgan Giles, it is thought that Golden Hind III was actually drawn by G.K. Collier. She was built to compete in the 1948 British Olympic trials and was christened by then Princess, now Queen Elizabeth of England. Curiously, records do not show her ever carrying a valid measurement certificate. She was allowed to sail in the British trials, but was not really allowed to compete. After the Olympics, Golden Hind made her way to Vancouver B.C., where she was converted to a cruiser. Eventually, she moved to Seattle and spent her last 5 years out of the water.

The fellow who cut her up was amazed at her condition. "Couldn't find any rot, and her timbers seemed pretty sound...."

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