Boat Name: Indian Scout
Sail: US 66
Year Built: 1936
Designer: Herman Whiton
Builder: Bill Luders
Owner: Pete Langley
History: Built to compete in the 1936 Scandinavian Gold Cup, scheduled in Hanko, Norway for that summer. Whiton also won the event in 1926 sailing Lanai. At the time this regatta was the equivalent of the 6-Meter World Cup. Early in the summer of 1936 he also won what he described as a "huge trophy." Made of solid gold, it was called the Adolph Hitler Cup. Whiton, however, refused to perform the "Hiel Hitler" and to have dinner with the man. As a result the cup was kept by the Nazis, Whiton was denied use of a letter of credit in Germany, and was promptly flown out of the country. Indian Scout moved down to the Chesapeake, based out of Gibson Island and later made her way to Puget Sound. She has been out of the water since the early 1980's.