Boat Name: Montauk, also Dobie
Sail: US 2
Year Built: 1922
Designer: W. A. Gardner
Builder: Wood
Owner: Time & History
History: Designed by W. A. Gardner and built by Wood in 1922 for the British - American Team races which took place at Cowes. She was the first of several sixes built for W.A.W. Stewart, who also commissioned US 18 Hawk, US 25 Iris and US 60 Nancy.

A few photos from her later days on the Chesapeake in the early 60's. As with many boats, Montauk was converted into a small cruiser after her first few years due to the incredible development of designs taking place. It is reported that Montauk was donated to the museum at Mystic Seaport where she was in poor enough condition that she was not restored. She languished until she fell apart. Photos courtesy of Tom Harnish.