Boat Name: Ondine
Sail: US 94
Year Built: 1953
Designer: Whiton/Stephens
Builder: Bjarne Aas
Owner: Rainer Muller
History: Collaboratively designed by Herman Whiton and Olin Stephens for Eric Ridder. She is one of the only double ended sixes and a known heavy air performer. Eric Ridder's Ondine was the constant companion of Herman Whiton's Goose in the 50's, often doing battle with the Canadians in a variety of team races and other regattas on Long Island Sound or on Lake Ontario. As interest in sixes declined in the early 60's, Mr. Ridder donated Ondine to the Sea Scouts, who quickly realized that a six meter was not a boat for young boys. George Stadel purchased her from the Scouts and sailed on Long Island Sound with what was left of that fleet through the late 70's. When Mr Stadel decided he could no longer keep up with her maintenance she was sold to Jim Kinney of the Port Huron Fleet. Ondine was sold to Jim Metteer in April 2013 and moved to Puget Sound. Ondine did well at the 2013 Seattle NOOD and has been recently receiving the full treatment in anticipation of the 2017 World Championships in Vancouver.