Boat Name: Pacemaker
Sail: USA 126, ex. KA 8
Year Built: 1972
Designer: Sparkman & Stephens
Builder: Bill Barnett
Owner: Adam Henley
History: Designed for John Taylor to compete in the 1972 Australian American Challenge. Placed 2nd in the 1973 World Cup. To see her original plans, as drawn, go to the Sparkman & Stephens blog:

USA 126 Pacemaker has undergone significant work this past summer (hence no sailing).After tearing chunks of deck away on a couple of occasions last year after acquiring the boat we set out to repair the deck.  Unfortunately, the deck was a complete disaster and needed to be replaced.  We pulled (Skil sawed) the deck off in an afternoon and discovered that the deck beams, backing blocks and mast partners were generally too tired to keep…so replacement started in April 2010. 

I contacted Sparkman & Stephens to get a copy of the original deck lay-out, but none was drawn.  The deck layout was left up to the owner and the builder to figure out.  Having nothing concrete to go on as a deck plan I was able to come up with pictures of the two immediate predecessors Toogooloowoo IV and Toogooloowoo V to get some idea of the deck layout that may have been used.  We then measured  Pacemaker stem to stern and put the measurements into a CAD program to lay-out the new deck and to make it class legal. In addition to the new deck, deck beams, and mast partners we also have replaced the mast step and as well repaired or replaced several of the laminated hull frames.  Work was completed and Pacemaker was launched in Spring 2011 with no structural issues.  The work was undertaken in my shop at home here in Port Townsend with the help of Jim Metteer of Eagle Creek Restorations and Joshua Green.

USA 126 Pacemaker at the 2011 Round Bainbridge Island race.














Pacemaker at 2004 Lipton Cup