Boat Name: Scallywag, ex. Perspicacious
Sail: USA 114, ex. GBR 97
Year Built: 1979
Designer: Gary Mull
Builder: Carl Eichenlaub
Owner: Schooner Martha Foundation
History: Perspicacious was commissioned by Gayle Post and built in San Diego in preparation for the 1979 World Championships in Seattle. The boat was finished late and received her certificate mere days before the regatta started in September. Perspicacious was in good company with the other 1978/1979 Gary Mull design sisters, including USA 108 St Francis VII and USA 112 Ranger. Gayle and the boat steadily improved over the week of racing and ended 10th of 25. Mr. Post and team also competed at the 1983 World Championships at Newpot Beach, California, his homeport, and placed 9th of 15 in that Pacific Ocean series. Gayle then shipped the boat to Europe for a few regattas and ended up selling her in Cannes, France in 1985. She eventually made her way to the UK with the name 'Scallywag', and regrettably fell on hard times. She was recently rescued from certain death at Cowes, Isle of Wight for the St Francis Yacht Club 6mR team and has received the full treatment at Demon Yachts to get her back to full speed and beauty in time for the 2017 Worldwide Metrefest in Newport, Rhode Island and fantastic 6th place finish of 25 Modern entries at the 2017 World Championships in Vancouver, B.C. to win the Nelson trophy for highest placing transitional Modern. As can be seen by the series of photos below, Scallywag has come from near destruction to be competitive at the highest level.