The battle for the aquavit - 2005 Queen Christina Nations Cup - North American participants

After a great event in Finland last year, the Queen Christina Nations Cup (QCNC Deed of Gift) will be hosted by Germany this year on Lake Constance. Details for this year's event are here:

After jumping back to 6mr racing last year. I made a point to plan for the Q.C.N.C. in 2005. Well Our team has been assembled & we are due to depart for Zurich on August 23rd. With some outstanding help from Randy Cunningham, I think we have a great team representing Canada. This year our team members are:
Rainer Muller
Damien King
Brett Wilson
Jeff Penny

Following the tradition of last year, 4 boat owners will represent the USA:
Andy Parker
Ron Keys
Pat Mitchell
Roger Ivie