2010 Queen Christina Nations Cup


    Saturday Sunday
Country Boat Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Boat Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total QCNC Position
GER Finnegan 4 4 2 Saskia 2 5 6 23 4
CAN May Be VII 3 3 3 Sockeye 5 1 4 19** 1
SUI Sockeye 2 1 5 May Be VII 3 3 5 19** 2
GBR Frenzy 1 5 4 Gallant 4 4 3 21 3
FIN Saskia 6 6 6 Finnegan 6 6 2 31 5
Port Huron Gallant 5 2 1 Frenzy 1 2 1 12*

* Port Huron - Special Guest Team. Not eligible for the QCNC.
** Not subject to RRS tiebreaker rules; bonus points applied

Race Reports:

QCNC Race report on Pressure Drop by Ben Braden and QCNC photo gallery

2010 Queen Christina Nations Cup - Team Vancouver blog

Photos by Val Tollefsen - requires registration

Queen Christina Nations Cup website: http://kamppi.net/qcnc/

Queen Christina Nations Cup Deed of Gift

Queen Christina Nations Cup - a brief history:

Since the inception of the International Rule in 1907, the 6 Meter Class has had a remarkable influence on yacht design and sailing competition. From the 20's to the 50's the 6 meter was the class of choice for contests not simply between boats, but between Nations. Some examples of past Nation-based contests sailed in sixes include the Scandinavian Gold Cup, the One Ton Cup, the British American Team Race, the Seawanhaka International Challenge Cup, and the Olympic Games. The sixes lost Olympic status after the 1952 Games and was eventually supplanted in all of these Nation based events.

In June 2002, sailors from Puget Sound went to Stockholm to sail in the Gamla Stan team match races, had a great time, on and off the race course, placed second and were extremely impressed with the hospitality shown to them by their Swedish hosts. The concept of the Queen Christina Nations Cup evolved from that fantastic experience and lead to the idea (after a few glasses of Aquavit) that International competition need not be expensive and friendly competition between nations can have many beneficial effects for our class:
· Build camaraderie and establish meaningful contact with other fleets and nations
· Meet six meter sailors just as passionate about our boats as us
· Decreased expense for all involved to sail in other countries on different boats
· Better communication through social interaction
· Have more fun at a regatta by not having to worry about logistics

Here is how the Puget Sound Six Meter Association accomplished all of these things at the inaugural Queen Christina Nations Cup:
· We invited teams of 4 sailors from 4 nations with active fleets to come to Port Madison, just outside Seattle, stay in our homes and sail our boats.
· Kimo Mackey commissioned a beautiful trophy that has at its center a flask filled with Linie Aquavit - a six meter sailor's drink - and six engraved glasses, along with an indestructible carrying case made for traveling. Kimo was also the "Tsar" of the event - which simplified all decisions. What the Tsar wanted is what happened.
· PSSMA ran the races, provided sack lunches, and had an owner representative for each boat.
· Each team raced each boat in 2 races, and then rotated to another boat.
· Other sixes in the fleet started 1 minute after the competing nations and simply sailed for fun on a beautiful weekend.
· We had parties or gatherings every night.
· We mandated that the host nation could not win, thus assuring that the competition would move to another country willing to host the regatta next time.

2010 Invitation:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure that I, herewith, extend the invitation for your countries to each send a qualified team to represent you at the 2010 Queen Christina Nations Cup which will be hosted by the United States Puget Sound Six Metre Fleet. The event is scheduled for the period of September 10 through 12, 2010 and will be sailed out of the Port Madison Yacht Club on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Please inform your respective fleet members of the dates and begin your process of selecting a team to represent you. A detailed description of the Regatta Rules and schedule of events will follow shortly.

Kind regards,
Kimo Mackey, Czar