Boat Name: Rebel
Sail: US 76
Year Built: 1937
Designer: A. E. 'Bill' Luders, Jr.
Builder: Paul Shields
Owner: Time and memory
History: Rebel's first sailing took place in Bermuda in the Spring of 1937, where she was sailed by Cornelius and Paul Shields in the various races taking place on the Great Sound. In these initial outings she did not particularly distinguish herself, but later that season on Long Island Sound she redeemed her owner's trust by successfully defending the Seawanhaka International Challenge Cup against the Bjarne Aas designed N 63 Buri. Rebel opened the 1938 season in Bermuda and was later named to the American team for the British American Team Races, where the American Team of US 81 Goose, US 80 Djinn, US 77 Fun and US 76 Rebel won handily over Solenta, Erica, Vrana and Circe. Rebel then went West to California where she was sold to Emerson Spear for the period 1939-1945, sailing out of California Yacht Club and Newport Harbor Yacht Club. Mr. Spear previously owned Mystery and later owned Goose. Allan Crary owner, NHYC 1946 to at least 1952. John Oertley, owner, Voyagers YC, Newport, mid to late 1950's. Spear sailed US 57 Mystery in the '39 Midwinters in March in Los Angeles and Rebel in the Pacific Coast Championships in August in San Francisco. He won the San Diego Lipton Cup, 3rd in the 1941 Midwinters behind Fun and Lulu, and was 2nd in the 1945 Christmas Regatta at Newport behind Lanai. Rebel won the Los Angeles Midwinters a few times in the late 50's skippered by Oertley. "The last I saw of her was an ad in Woodenboat Magazine classifieds in the mid 80's. I believe she was in Marina Del Rey and had had a cabin added." - Hank Thayer
1937 - 1938 - First owner: Paul V. Shields
1939 - 1945 - Emerson Spear
1946 - 1952 - Allan Crary
1952 - ? - John Oertley 

All images below courtesy of Hank Thayer.

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