Boat Name: Sakie, ex. Gull
Sail: US 1
Year Built: 1922
Designer: Frank Paine
Builder: Lawley & Sons
Owners: Mike Jacobs & Richard Koehler
History: Sakie holds a significant place in the history of the Class in the USA and was among the building boom of first generation sixes in the USA. There were at least 2 other sixes which carried US 1 on their mainsail, but Sakie is the only one of these in existence today. She was designed and built to compete in the trials for the second running of the British American Team Race Challenge which took place on Long Island Sound in September 1922. In the first day of the trials the winds were recorded at 35 kots and Sakie, along with 4 other boats, either lost their masts, or withdrew with other damage. Sakie replaced her mast overnight, and sailed the next day, but was ultimately eliminated. Boston-based Frank Paine sailed her in this qualification series, and the wheels were turning in the minds of the other members of the Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club for how to get the Seawanhaka Cup back into circulation. The Cup had lain dormant at the Manchester Yacht Club (outside Boston) since the scow "Massachusetts" defended successfully against the Royal St Lawrence Yacht Club entry in 1912. After some negotiations, portions of the Declaration of Trust were waived and Frank Paine agreed to accept the challenge to sail for the Cup in Sixes against John Stephen in his design, the future 3 time winner Coila III. Mr. Paine and "Sakie" were defeated in 3 straight races on consecutive days and the Seawanhaka Cup went overseas for the first time in its history.