Boat Name: Saleema, ex. Navaho, ex. Saleema
Sail: US 40
Year Built: 1928
Designer: Henry Gielow/Sherman Hoyt
Builder: Henry Nevins
Owner: Rainer Muller
History: Designed by Henry Gielow but attributed to Sherman Hoyt, who was a partner in that business. Hoyt had designed an unusual six meter the previous year, Atrocia, and US 40 Saleema was a bit more conventional. The boat was designed for Henry Plant and built at Henry B. Nevins' yard on City Island, New York. She was sent to Sweden to compete in the 1928 Scandinavian Gold Cup as the USA representative. Sherman Hoyt drove the boat with a youthful crew and won 2 races before eventually being outlasted by the Norwegian entry Figaro V. Hoyt and crew then enjoyed an extensive series of regattas and races while at both Sandhamn and Gothenberg in Sweden, then Copenhagen, Denmark. Much of the racing and other events and carousing is covered in Hoyt's Memoirs - an autobiography of his various sailing adventures. Following her return to the USA, Saleema sailed the remainder of the season on Long Island Sound. Saleema was then sold to Southern California where she competed in the races on the Pacific Ocean with that small group of enthusiasts. Saleema appears to have been in California since that time and was rebuilt and renovated in San Diego by Koehler Kraft in San Diego in 2003. Saleema recently moved to Vancouver, B.C., Canada and will compete at the 2017 World Championships.


US 40 Navaho rounding the lighthouse off of San Pedro. 1931. W.P. Sawyer photo.