San Francisco Fleet

Continuing a 100 year tradition of sixes on the Bay.


US 55 Lucie - Immaculate and well traveled. Winner of KSSS (World Cup Champion, Rule 1 & 2 Boats) and Baum + Konig trophies in 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017.

USA 114 Perspicacious - 1978 Gary Mull design built by Carl Eichenlaub. Rescued from certain peril in the UK and now a spectacular restoration.

USA 118 Arunga - 1981 Pelle Pettersson design. Splits her time between Puget Sound and St Francis Yacht Club. Excellent condition and always in the hunt.

USA 126 Scoundrel - 1986 Ian Howlett design built by Paul Litton. Fast and successful. Beautiful bright finish wood construction in truly excellent condition. Well traveled and always competitive. 

USA 127 Sting - 1989 Pelle Pettersson design built by Batbyggarna AB, Ronnang. Excellent condition and always in the hunt.