New Perpetual Trophy Proposal

Those of you who attended the European Championships in Rungsted, Denmark last August no doubt observed the great efforts made by owners of some beautiful boats designed to the Second Rule. It is obvious that these boats, under normal circumstances, cannot compete on an even basis with their younger Classic sisters designed to the Third Rule (post 1934). It is, however, extremely important for the 6mR class in general, and for the Classics in particular, that the owners of these older boats are interested and willing in supporting the Class the way they do by particiapting in major championships.

I am therefore, starting with the World Cup in St. Tropez, June 2003, happy to announce that a perpetual trophy will be awarded to the best finishing boat built to the First or Second Rule. A trophy with similar intent will be dedicated at the next European Championship, as well.

Respectfully Submitted,

Han Oen