South America Checks In!

This from Brazil:

Dear Sir,

Looking at your site, I want to inform about 2 6 meters in Niteroi - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil (the only 2 remaining in the country. There were 6 in the past). We have:
"Aileen" (ex. Nurdug II) made in Sweden 1911 and silver medallist at theOlympics 1912. Belongs to 1996 Star Olympic Gold Medallist Torben Grael (presently sailing on the Italian America's Cup Challenger "Prada" as Tactician). It's in a perfect shape.

"Guida" former Marga made in Finland 1933. Belongs to 1988/1996 Tornado Bronze Medallist Lars Grael. It's in restoration, with a completion date of April 2000.

Our family and club have a lot of relation with traditional classes as our grandfather Preben was the owner of Ailleen since the 20's and was the boat
that we all have learned to sail on. We use to have another 2 very old 6's in the past Gonda and Banshee that were gone... and 2 "modern" Oba and Stella that were also lost. We also have one 5.5meter and an old Dragon at the club and we organize some club racing under the "Yardstick" formula.

Good Luck, Lars S. Grael

From Argentina:

Dear Sir,

I am restoring the only 6 meter remaining in Argentina. She is S &S design, number 238, her name is DJINN, built in USA by Nevins Yard in 1938 for Mr Charley Morgan, imported to Argentina at the end of WW II, and raced here with the local fleet until 1948, in the year she won the silver medal in the Olympics Games in Torbay, UK, beaten only by US 83 Llanoria.-
A12 DJINN (ex. US 80) is alive but not yet well, I bought her two years ago and the last owner converted her to a cruiser yacht, as I have the idea of a restoring her to original form, I started a complete disassembly and, as always happens, I found more rot and damage than I expected to find.-We finished the hull restoration, and start deck reconstruction, changed twenty beams and cut the plywood(marine grade) that will be covered by epoxied glass.-Fortunatelly the last owner kept all of the original winches and hardware fittings, which are very old. The last two crew members of Torbay are still alive remember a lot of details.

Yours Sincerely,

Segismundo (Neneco) Cortes
Owner DJINN 6 A-12

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