Boat Name: St Francis V
Sail: US 100
Year Built: 1973
Designer: Gary Mull
Builder: Stone Boat Works
Owner: David Linger
History: Designed and built for the Sequoia Syndicate of the St Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. No expense was spared to create the perfect boat for Tom Blackaller to win the first International 6 Metre World Cup in 1973 in Seattle. US 100 competed in the 1979 Worlds, in Seattle again, with Gary Philbrick at the helm, placing 4th of 25 entries, then again the 1983 Worlds at Newport, California. St Francis V has been an active participant at many Puget Sound races over the past decade and has recently come under the stewardship of David Linger, who is preparing for the 2017 World Championships in Vancouver.

Photo Dana Olsen

US 100 St Francis V

















Tom Blackaller and St Francis V