KC 22 Titia (ex. K 22 Titia) is found in Rhode Island

"Titia" on Lake Ontario in the late 1950's


KC 22 "Titia", a 1952 David Boyd design, has recently been found in Rhode Island. Owner Louis Zauzeddi, a shipwright whose current and recent work includes repair and restoration on most of the wooden 12 meters in the Newport , R.I. area, including "Intrepid", "Weatherly", and "Nefertiti", relates that "Titia" has been covered in his garage for many years and is in good shape, but needs some fine tuning before she could hit the water. He said he intends to restore her some day, but has no immediate plans to do so. K 22 "Titia" represented Great Britain in the 1952 Olympics at Helsinki, placing 5th. In the 1956 Seawanhaka Cup, KC 22 "Titia", with Bill Gooderham at the helm, fresh from his victory in the 1956 North Americans in "Buzzy III", defeated the famous "Goose" with Herman 'Swede' Whiton at the helm in extreme conditions on Long Island Sound and took the Cup to Toronto. Winds were reported to be over 30 knots with mountainous seas. In 1957 "Goose" was rebuilt at the Luders yard in 5 layers of hot molded mahogany plywood. It can be assumed that Mr. Whiton had those big winds and mountainous seas in mind when he chose to challenge for the 1957 Seawanhaka Cup in September, the lighest wind month in Toronto. Gooderham and "Titia" lost that series in winds of less than 10 knots to Whiton's completely rebuilt "Goose".

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