Toogooloowoo IV and Ylliam VIII go to Germany

Peter Hofmann has sold Toogie IV and Doug Averil has sold Ylliam VIII to Torsten Dornberger of Germany. Here are his comments:

"We arrived in Berlin late Monday evening (10/30/99), but your congratulations were already here.Our time in the Northwest was great, but too short. It was our third time in America and the first in the Northwest and never before have I met so many friendly Americans.You have so many great lakes and I understand your question about where we will sail. We have some lakes but I think it`s better to bring the boats to the Baltic Sea (Warnemünde). It is only two hours from Berlin and the conditions are very good. Both boats needs work, especially some frames, frame floors and some planks in the garboard areas have to be replaced. I`ll do my best. I`m very interested in facts and anecdotes about the boats, not to mention drawing sets and all about the modifications on Toogie.When we begin doing the work, I`ll send you pictures showing our progress."

Here are some older pictures of Toogie IV, the first modern 6 meter:

Former owner Vic Palmer named her Buzzy V for a short time in the late 80's.

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