Boat Name: Wildcat II, ex. St Kitts II
Sail: GBR 94
Year Built: 1988
Designer: Ian Howlett
Builder: Brookes Boats Company, St Kitts
Owner: Rainer Muller
History: Wildcat II was built on the island of St. Kitts by Dougie Brookes' boatyard for Philip Walwyn to the same design as his other Six in 1988/9. In 1990 she was sold to Harry Thuneberg in Finland and re-numbered L 62, where she remained until bought back to England by Andy and Cathy Ash-Vie in 2006. Thoroughly modernised she finished 6th in the 2007 Worlds at Cowes, subsequently winning many local races, as well as the 2010 Coupe l'entente Cordiale at La Trinite sur Mer. Wildcat was recently acquired by Rainer Muller and sailed in the 2016 North American Championships on San Francisco Bay, placing 8th of 11 in her return to the Western Hemisphere and first major race on the West Coast. She placed 8th of 24 at the 2017 World Championships in Vancouver, Canada. Her reward was the 2020 refit at Jespersen Boatbuilders shown in photos below.

Photo Fiona Brown

GBR 94 Wildcat II with US 83 Llanoria hot on her heels at the 2015 World Championships at La trinite sur Mer . Photo copyright Fiona Brown.