Boat Name: Bobkat II, ex. Sceptre
Sail: US 54
Year Built: 1931
Designer: Sparkman & Stephens
Builder: Henry Nevins
Owner: Doug Peterson
History: US 54 Bobkat II was designed by Olin Stephens and built at the Nevins yard on City Island, New York. She was built for Robert Meyer, who named the boat after he and his wife, Katherine (Bob + Kat). Bobkat II was part of the famous American team that went to England for the 1932 British American Team Races. The other members of the team were US 55 Lucie, US 56 Jill and US 60 Nancy. Bobkat II was restored to her original racing configuration at Cantieri dell Argentario in Porto Santo Stefano, Italy and took part in the 2004 European Championships in Porto Rotondo and the Regates Royale at Cannes. She was joined in Porto Rotondo by her old teammate, US 60 Nancy, which was also recently restored. The photos further below show Bobkat as she was found in San Diego pre-restoration. Her history in Southern California is unclear to your editor.

Race Summary, Historic and Recent results
1932 & 1934 British American Team Race Cup teams - on the winning team, high scoring boat.
1934 Seawanhaka Cup - winner
1935 One Ton Cup - runner up
1935 Very successful racing in Scandinavian regattas
2004 European Championship - Porto Rotundo. 4th Place - 2, 3, DNF, DNS, 3, 3, 3, 3 (rig troubles day 2)
2004 Regates Royales Cannes - 1st - 11 starts, 11 firsts.
2004 San Tropez - 1st Classic 6mR
2005 Worlds Sandham - 12th - 5, 30(DNF), 30(DNS), 3, 3, 12, 3 Very fast at Sandham. Spreader failure put her out of contention.
2007 Worlds Cowes - 6th - 10, 8, 5, 2, 5, 12, 5
2007 World Cup Rule 2 winner and Baum & Koenig Trophy winner.


Photos below of Bobkat II as found in San Diego in 2003