Boat Name: Nancy
Sail: US 60
Year Built: 1932
Designer: Sparkman & Stephens
Builder: Henry B. Nevins
History: Nancy was originally designed and built for a Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club syndicate headed by Van Merle-Smith and Phil Roosevelt. Her first appearance was in Bermuda for the spring series held there in 1932. She was sailed in the series by her designer, Olin Stephens, but a disqualification placed her out of the running for the Bermuda Gold Cup. She was then shipped to England for the British-American Team Races. Nancy won the 3rd race and the American team of Nancy, US 56 Jill, US 54 Bob Kat and US 55 Lucie prevailed, winning in 4 straight races. Nancy was then sent to the Clyde in Scotland with Jill to challenge for the Seawanhaka Cup. US 56 Jill, skippered by J. Seward Johnson with crew Olin Stephens, Briggs Cunningham, Bayard Dill and Philip LeBoutillier, was chosen to challenge for the Cup and defeated "Wee" John Stephen sailing the defender, Maida, in 3 straight races. At the end of this racing Nancy was sold and has resided in the U.K ever since.