Boat Name: Buzzy II
Sail: KC 6
Year Built: 1948
Designer: Arvid Laurin
Builder: Abrahamsson & Bjoresson
Owner: Richard Day
History: Formerly S62 Trickson VI. Won the One Ton Cup in 1949 and the Scandinavian Gold Cup in 1950. Bryan Newkirk bought her in Stockholm in 1952 to represent Canada in the Olympics in Helsinki. He renamed the boat Buzzy II, after his grandson, then N.W. 'Bill' Gooderham sailed her from Stockholm to Helsinki for the Olympic regatta, where she placed 6th of 14 entries. She then came to Toronto, Canada with her new sister, N80 Elizabeth X, where she won the North American Championships in 1954 in Toronto and 1955 in Seattle. She is currently out of the water, in the process of being rebuilt.

Photo courtesy of Tim Barber.