Puget Sound Fleet

The Puget Sound Fleet is based mainly on Port Madison on Bainbridge Island.

Fleet Captain: Andy Parker

N22 Oslo - The oldest six on Puget Sound. Owned by the same family for nearly 70 years.

US 43 Sprig - Furthest flung member of Puget Sound fleet. Resides in sunny San Diego.

US 64 Tao - ex. Erne. Recently moved to Thailand.

US 65 Challenge - Sailing out of Orcas Island.

US 66 Indian Scout - Scandinavian Gold Cup winner. In pre-restoration in Port Townsend.

US 72 Lulu - S&S design built by Nevins for Briggs S. Cunningham. Scandinavian Gold Cup winner.

US 73 Saga - Built for the Triminghams of Bermuda. Progenitor of the International One Design.

US 81 Goose - 4 time Scandinavian Gold Cup winner.

US 83 Llanoria - 2 time Olympic Gold medal winning boat. 2 time Scandinavian Gold Cup winner.

KC 6 Buzzy II - Scandinavian Gold Cup winner. Pre-restoration.

US 87 May Be VII - Historically dominant on Puget Sound.

US 88 Blodoks - ex. Big Apple. Under restoration in Port Townsend.

US 90 Fokus III - All around Bjarne Aas performer.

US 94 Ondine - Design collaboration between Herman Whiton and Olin Stephens, built by Bjarne Aas.

US 96 Hanko III - One of the last sixes built by Bjarne Aas.

USA 100 St Francis V - Won the first International 6 Metre World Championship in 1973.

USA 102 Pacemaker - 3rd in a series of S&S boats built for the Australian - American Challenge.

USA 107 Frenzy - The only Britton Chance Jr. - designed six.

USA 109 Discovery - Doug Peterson design built for the 1979 Worlds.

USA 110 Ah Si Si - Built for the 1979 Worlds - a sister to Discovery. Back to the USA after an extended stay (34 years) in Europe.

USA 112 Ranger - Built for the 1979 Worlds.

USA 114 Scallywag - 1978 Gary Mull design built by Carl Eichenlaub.

USA 118 Arunga - 1982 Pelle Pettersen design.

USA 127 Sting - 1989 Pelle Pettersson design built by Batbyggarna AB, Ronnang.