Boat Name: "Sprig"
Sail: US 43
Year Built: 1930
Designer: Clinton Crane
Builder: Henry Nevins, City Island, NY
Owner: Greg Stewart
History: Built to Rule 2, with her rig later modified by S&S in the mid 30's to take advantage of the 1934 updates to the Rule. Owner Greg Stewart has maintained 'Sprig' to be as beautiful now as she ever has been. She carries her original 3 spreader, 1 jumper rig and bright finish boom. Besides being taken down to bare wood inside and out, Sprig received full length epoxy soaked e-glass splines.This method has been successfully employed for 30 years by many Pacific Coast (PC) Class boats in San Diego. She has 3 cockpits and not even the helmsman gets a seat. Sprig travelled to Seattle in 2001 and 2002 for the Lipton Cup and North Americans and was always in the hunt. She placed second in the 2002 Lipton Cup and 4th in the 2002 North Americans. Sprig is very active in the San Diego Ancient Mariner events and is based at San Diego Yacht Club. Sprig received a new deck and other refurbishment and was relaunched in October 2005. Sprig is the most far-flung member of the Puget Sound Six Meter Association and competed at the 2009 World Cup in Newport, Rhode Island. In order to qualify for the Baum + Koenig Trophy at the 2009 Worlds, Sprig ordered a full suit of Dacron sails to replace her modern versions. She ended 13th of 24 and took home the KSSS trophy for the highest placing Rule 1 or 2 (unmodified keel) boat at the Worlds. In more recent years Sprig has competed in San Diego with that vibrant group of mixed Classic yachts. Greg also took Sprig up to San Francisco Bay for the 2015 St Francis Yacht Club Invitational and the 2016 North American Championships. Sprig and Greg were recently profiled by Sailing World magazine. Sprig competed at the 2017 International 6 Metre World Championships in Vancouver placing 10th of 21 Classic entries. Sprig has been profiled many times, more recently by Sailing Anarchy's Scot Tempesta

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Relaunching on the eve of her 75th birthday - a Jubilee year.
2006 San Diego 20 Guinea Cup Gallery
2007 Mid winter shots by Bob Grieser

Photo St Francis Yacht Club. All Rights reserved.
Photo: St Francis Yacht Club. All rights reserved.


Sprig at the Lipton Cup 2001
What a mast!