Boat Name: Lulu
Sail: US 72
Year Built: 1937
Designer: Sparkman & Stephens
Builder: Nevins
Owner: Craig Downey
History: Built for Briggs S. Cunningham and named for his wife, Lucie. Lulu won the first King Edward VII Gold Cup match race held in Bermuda in Spring 1937, beating US 73 Saga, then KB 49 and later in the season won the Scandinavian Gold Cup on Long Island Sound, finally beating Inga Lill XXVI in the seventh race. Lulu also appeared for a few seconds in the 1937 Fredric March/Carole Lombard film "Nothing Sacred". Lulu rested through the war years, then was in Los Angeles in the years immediately following the war owned by William "California Bill" Horton. She came to Seattle in 1947 for Bill Boeing, Jr., who sold her to Hugh Watt. Charlie Ross purchased her in 1959 and kept her into the 70's, her hull robin's egg blue. She was acquired by Harry Hoffman, who performed a restoration of her in the early 80's and painted her bright yellow to be part of his "rainbow of sixes". Harry sold her to Rob O'Neil. Craig Downey purchased Lulu from Dr O'Neil and completed a major restoration from 2003 - 2008.
The best 6mR from S&S in 1937.
US 72 Lulu in the yard, July 2001.