Boat Name: May Be VII
Sail: US 87 (ex. S 66)
Year Built: 1952
Designer: Sparkman & Stephens
Builder: Holms Yacht, Gamleby
Owner: Rainer Muller
History: Sven Salen commissioned the 7th 'May Be' to compete in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics, placing just off the podium - 4th of 11. Mr. Salen then shipped the boat to the USA for the 1953 One Ton Cup and competed in several other regattas held on Long Island Sound that August and September. Not satisfied with her performance in either major regatta, or perhaps because he had already commissioned May Be VIII from Tore Holm, Mr. Salen sold the boat to Olympic sailor William "California Bill" Horton and left the boat in the USA. May Be VII came to Toronto for the 1954 North Americans and Canadian American Team Races a few times, often with teammates US 81 Goose and US 94 Ondine. Records show she was in Norway in the early 60's before coming back to the USA for Sunny Vynne. May Be dominated on Puget Sound in the very capable hands of Eustace "Sunny" Vynne, who won the 1964, 1967 and 1968 Toronto Globe & Mail North Americans and multiple other regattas. May Be VII placed 3rd in the 1973 Worlds in Seattle, though did not place as well in the 1979 Worlds while under charter. In 1998 she received the first of several major overhauls including new planking, rudder post, frames, and new cockpit sole. She came 3rd at the 2001 North Americans and was the highest placing Classic. May be VII has competed in all of the major regattas on Puget Sound this past season. The boat has been owned by Joth Davis for the past 20 years and has received attention throughout his stewardship. May Be VII was recently chartered by Dennis Conner and won the 2017 Sir Thomas Lipton Cup on Port Madison. Mr. Conner also sailed the boat in Vancouver at the International 6 Metre World Championships.


In the slings before her relaunch in 1998.

Lipton Cup 1999
Shilshole Bay 2000
North American Classic Champion 2000

May Be VII at Helsinki Olympics 1952
May Be VII on the docks at the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki