Boat Name: Fokus III, ex. Exit, ex. Little Sister, ex N 79 Fokus III
Sail: US 90
Year Built: 1948
Designer: Bjarne Aas
Builder: Bjarne Aas
Owner: Jim Metteer
History: Fokus III was also known as Exit on Puget Sound in the 60's and 70's. Before that she was known as Little Sister while sailing out of Youngstown, New York. Fred Obersheimer had her on the Great Lakes when she did battle with the RCYC boats in the glory days of Lake Ontario in the 50's. Fokus III was built at the same time as her more illustrious sister, N 80 Elisabeth X, but many of the old-timers in Norway remember Fokus III as a force to contend with, especially when the wind picks up. Fokus III was near derelict when Harry Hofmann purchased the boat and put her in his yard back in the early 80's. After Harry's death the boat went to Dan Taylor who held Fokus III in trust until a viable suitor came along. She is single planked Douglas fir, known as Oregon pine in Europe, and has steam bent oak frames. Many pairs of frames were replaced and new deckbeams fabricated. She received a new rudder post, deadwood, and cockpit coamings, as well as a deck of Alaskan yellow cedar. Fokus III placed 11 of 24 at the 2009 World Championships in Newport, Rhode Island, and will be in Vancouver for the 2017 World Championships.

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