Boat Name: Hankø III
Sail: US 96
Year Built: 1955
Designer: Bjarne Aas
Builder: Bjarne Aas
Owner: Thomas Kuhmann
History: Originally built for the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (KNS) as a lottery boat. She was sailed in her first season by Crown Prince Olav (later King Olav V) of Norway as N 82. History has lost who won her in the lottery, but she was imported to Canada alongside US 83 Llanoria and sailed with N 83 Yam Sing in Vancouver in the early 70's before making her way to Seattle. Also known as Eclipse. Ron Keys rescued the boat from an uncertain fate and proceeded to completely rebuild her in 1996. Ron and Hankø III have been the introduction to the 6 meter for many of the current members of the Puget Sound 6 Meter Association. Hankø III has been impeccably maintained and spent many of her winters out of the water and under cover in the San Juan Islands. She has recently been purchased by Thomas Kuhmann, and has been receiving the treatment at Jespersen Boatbuilders in preparation for the 2017 World Championships in Vancouver.

2012 Lipton Cup blog from a Hankø III perspective.