Boat Name: Caprice
Sail: US 46
Year Built: 1930
Designer: Nicholas S. Potter
Builder: Wilmington Boatworks
Owner: Time and memory
History: Caprice was commissioned in late 1929 by prominent Southern Californian sailor and sportsman Tommy Lee. The boat was built through the Fall and Winter and launched just in time for the 1930 Mid Winter series. Though from the same designer and yard as older sister US 45 Harpoon, Caprice had almost nothing in common with the earlier Potter design from an aesthetic standpoint. She was a striking double-ended design similar in form to several other Potter designs, such as the 8 metres Angelita and Yucca, the N boat Serenade and the 37 foot sloop Tantalus. With Caprice it could certainly be claimed that Potter had mastered the double ended form. Caprice was designed for heavier air and performed well for her owner, though never quite lived up to her high expectations. Southern Californian Mr. Lee with US 46 Caprice battled with Northern Californian Arthur Rousseau and his famous US 38 May Be on many occasions, but Lee and Caprice rarely beat the wily Rousseau with his Estlander design, which Sven Salen had brought to the USA for the 1927 Scandinavian Gold Cup.

1930: First owner - Tommy Lee, Los Angeles, CA

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