Boat Name: Harpoon, ex. Ednada V, ex. Gizela
Sail: US 45
Year Built: 1928
Designer: Nicholas S. Potter
Builder: Wilmington Boat Works
Owner: Time and Memory
History: Harpoon was launched on February 23, 1928 at Wilmington Boatworks just in time for the Los Angeles Mid-Winter series, which took place off of San Pedro in mid-March from the late 20's through the 30's and 40's. Harpoon was sailed in this first regatta series by Nick Potter himself. During that first year she was also sailed, and later purchased by Tommy Lee, who subsequently commissioned the design and build of another Nick Potter design, US 46 Caprice. Both boats spent the entirety of their sailing careers in Southern California, with occasional forays to San Francisco, and were part of the vibrant 6 meter scene which took place there from the late 20's to the late 40's. Harpoon was very distinctive with her blunt bow and truncated stern, both features that were uncommon on a 6 metre of that era. Harpoon was noted for her great speed in light air, which is often the condition in Southern Californian waters. Here are her particulars, several of the owners and a few photographs. All photos courtesy of Hank Thayer.
Length Overall : 34' 6"
Length W.L.: 23' 8"
Beam: 6' 4"
Draft: 5' 3"

1928: First owners - T.S. Smith & Hugh Angelman, Los Angeles, CA
1929 - 1930: Tommy Lee, Los Angeles, CA
1930 - 1931: George Thomas III, Los Angeles, CA
1932 - 1936?: Morgan Adams, Los Angeles, CA
1937 - 1951: Elliott Johnson, Los Angeles, CA
1951 - 1957: William W. Clary, Newport, CA
1957: Dr. Lawrence Hody, San Diego, CA

The photos immediately below show Harpoon in action off of Los Angeles at one of the midwinter series in the 1930's. The shots further down the page are of her last days at a boatyard near Santa Barbara, California a few weeks before she was cut up in the mid 90's.

Left to right: US 45 Harpoon, US 59 Gallant, US 61 Ay Ay Ay (ex. D 34)

Some of the Southern California Fleet, none of which exist today, broad reaching on the Pacific Ocean off of Los Angeles.
Left to Right: US 61 Ay Ay Ay, US 9 Rhapsody, US 45 Harpoon, US 29 Lanai, US 46 Caprice, US 38 May Be.