Boat Name: CaVa
Sail: KC 12, ex. D55
Year Built: 1938
Designer: Wedellsborg
Builder: Nordbjaerg
Owner: Rainer Muller
History: CaVa was originally built as a lottery boat for the Royal Danish Yacht Club. She was imported to Canada in the early '50's and made her way to Vancouver in the 60's and was owned for many years by the Miller brothers. Bob Gardner purchased her in the late 80's and kept her in Comox, on Vancouver Island, where she was raced by the longtime 6 meter enthusiast, Norm Gardner, Bob's dad. Randy Cunningham had the boat beautifully restored by Mark Wallace Shipwright and sailed her from 2001 - 2010. Rainer Muller purchased Ca Va in 2010 and had her extensively updated structurally, again by Mark Wallace. She received a new lead ballast keel created and installed to an updated Don Martin design. This replaced an iron keel she had been using since post WWII. Along with the new ballast keel, Mark also replaced the entire centre line of the boat at this time - keel, stern post, horn timber, new bronze floors, re-framed and refinished. CaVa recently competed in Seattle at the 2013 Sailing World NOOD regatta, the 2013 Sir Thomas Lipton Cup and the Westerleigh Regattas in Vancouver, B.C.

Photo copyright Dana Olsen



Ca Va at the Vancouver Maritime Museum
Shiny new paint job!
Beautiful coming in and ...going out.
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