Boat Name: Hecate
Sail: KC 15
Year Built: 1938
Designer: Charles Nicholson
Builder: Camper & Nicholson
Owner: Center for Wooden Boats
History: Originally named K 57 Erica. Designed and built for Ronald Teacher to compete in the 1938 British American Team Race, held on Long Island Sound with teammates K55 Circe, K56 Solenta, and K60 Vrana against US76 Rebel, US77 Fun, US80 Djinn and US81 Goose on Long Island Sound. Erica and her sisters lost badly in this series, tumbling headlong into the whirling blades of the Sparkman & Stephens machine. Following the series, she came back to Great Britain, where she competed mainly in Scotland, on the Clyde. Erica made her way to Canada immediately following WWII, sailing in Vancouver, Everett then Seattle. She has been well maintained through the years, thanks to her former owners' careful maintenence. Hecate's most recent owners, Ann Lichtenwalner and Richard Langendoen, then donated her to the Center for Wooden Boats, where she has recently been undergoing a return to her original trim and sail plan, more or less.
6/22/99 Haulout and new rudder post installed. Deck is primed, new rudder in process.
6/27/99 Deck is painted. New arrangement for the 'Devil's Triangle' installed, complete with newly fabricated chainplate-tie rod-mast step solution. Fabric for new sails has been cut. Commemorative poster now available, will be posted here soon.
6/30/99 Commemorative K57 Erica Limited Edition Lithograph now available.
7/1/99 Deck hardware is back on the boat. Mast should go back in and new rudder installed today.