Boat Name: Saskia II, ex. Erin, ex. Glicky
Sail: KC 19
Year Built: 1934
Designer: Fife
Builder: Fife
Owner: Rainer Muller
History: Saskia II was relaunched after a major restoration performed by Mark Wallace,, outside Sidney, B.C.
Saskia II was originally built for Sir A.S.Young to race on the Firth of Clyde in Scotland, which was then home to an active fleet of six meters. The boat represents the superb design and craftsmanship of Fife and the Fairlie builders at their peak. It is a testimony to the skills of the men who produced these “stradivarii" of yachts, that these boats are still being appreciated and revered. Saskia II was chosen as part of the 1934 British team to compete in the British American Team Race Challenge in 1934, and was shipped to the USA, but was unsuccessful against the American 6 Meters, which were then starting to dominate the class in both fleet and team racing in such events as the British - American Team race Challenge, the Seawanhaka Cup and the Scandinavian Gold Cup. Saskia II found her way to the Pacific Northwest in the 50’s or 60’s where there was a very active fleet. As do all Fife meter boats of this era, Saskia II had wrought iron floors in her bilges, which after 70 years had wrecked havoc on her frames, floors and planking. The entire bottom of Saskia II has been rebuilt, all iron work replaced with cast silicon bronze [to the original Lloyds specifications] damaged frames and planking have been replaced or repaired. Her stem to stern authentic restoration take her back to her original 1934 configuration.
Saskia II was shipped to Newport, Rhode Island in September 2009 for the International 6 Metre World Championships, placing a very respectable 6th of 24 in a highly competitive field in mostly heavy air. In 2010 Saskia made the trip to both Port Townsend, where she won the Olin J Stephens II Classic 6 Meter North Americans, and to Port Madison, where she was among the boats used for the Queen Christina Nations Cup. Saskia has been in many races since her restoration and from Vancouver to Seattle and back many times, including at the 2013 NOOD Regatta, 2015 Westerleigh PARC Regatta, the 2015 St Francis YC 6mR Invitational, and many other local regattas.

Photo by Jim Rogers
Saskia II at the Boundary Cup, West Sound, Orcas Island