Should 'Transitional' Moderns Have their Own Division at the World Cup in Portofino?

There are many sixes built after 1965 and before 1980 which, by virtue of the development nature of our class, are not competitive with the most modern of the Moderns. Most of these boats were built with modern methods and materials which have allowed them, even with neglect, to remain sound. It is unfortunate that these boats sit on the hard, in sheds, unused and underappreciated. All were built to the highest standards by our best designers and received the same lavish attention in their day that many of the Classics and Moderns receive today. We all know these boats generally don't fare well against the most Modern designs, many of which now have winged keels and full displacement rudders. Perhaps it is time to attract the owners of these boats, which are not truly Modern and certainly not Classic, to participate for their own chance at victory and prizes at the World Cup in Portofino.

Therefore, in an effort to increase participation in all 6 Meter World Cup regattas, with all the good that comes from greater participation and enthusiasm, I propose we create a new division for the Worlds in Portofino in which sixes made post-1965 and pre-1980 (I am not tied to these dates, please make a suggestion if you can think of a more appropriate era) compete for a separate prize, and should there be 10 boats qualifying for this Class, they will have a separate start from the other Moderns. I will rely on the guidance of our Technical Committee to create guidelines for what modifications, if any, will be allowed in these boats. For example, if a boat made in 1979 has been modified with a new winged keel, they may not be eligible to compete, but if the boat has merely received a new rudder, and no other underwater modifications, they will still be eligible. There will be no limitation on masts, sails, or rigging, except as seen in the Class Rules for all boats.

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Best Regards,
Matt Cockburn
Secretary, Puget Sound Six Meter Association

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